My Story….How I became the Healer I am today

Hi I am Kathy Hall, and here is my story…As I am starting my blog here about Frequency Adjustment tm, I guess I will start with how all this came about for me.

It was 1996 and I was living in Northern Virginia, I had my practice as a massage therapist pretty well established at that time, I had a business partner who was also my life partner and we lived together. Life seemed good and then the relationship ended and I lost of course my life partner, but also my business partner and 1/2 my business.

Yes that in itself was causing lots of upset in my life…but honestly the truth was, I found myself much more upset that I had done everything humanly possible to be happy and I wasn’t!

I remember screaming out loud,”God either you change this or take me, what am I missing?” It was at that time I heard a voice inside me say, “YOU”. You have no idea who you are! I said yes I do, I am a massage therapist, etc.. And the voice said you have no idea who YOU are.

I began to reflect on that and realized at that time, I had not known who I was at all. In fact I had become so withdrawn, I couldn’t even pick up the phone to say hello to anyone. And the irony in that was that I was a Massage Therapist! I was with people all the time, yet I was lost in my HEAD!

This I refer to as my spiritual awakening. I began my journey to Who I AM. and what a journey it has been.

I am going to be real here, tell my story so everyone can see where I came from and how I came to be a “frequency adjuster “and what GOD’s and my Soul’s plan is for me.

stay tuned for more to come….

> My Story Continued….Learning what new abilities I had