My Story, Part 6…the lessons begin

So here I was sitting in the room in my head, hearing voices and seeing all kinds of things showing up. It was if I was watching a movie that was moving very fast. The only difference was that writing about it seemed really easy and fast as well.

I remember the first lessons where about how information was coming to me, in fact it was an understanding of how ALL information comes to everyone.

The first lesson was about time, time is not linear, it is circular. That is, it is continuous… there is not past or future, only the NOW. Time is not real. Everything that could happen, would happen, had happened and has already happened or happening. It was described like a playstation game, where every move the person playing could do, the counter move was already on the disc. It is not like predestination. It is just there is nothing new ever, just a knowing of what is already there.

Because of this ALL information is available. The only important TIME for everyone here on earth is the present moment. This made sense to me.

Then I started to know everything all at once, it was if this giant collage of pictures, sounds, sensations came at me and I could experience them all at once. I also could pull this college a part to experience each individual part by itself.

The next part of this lesson was that we all have a natural intuition or psychic sense, and the biggest part of this was a KNOWING. We all just KNOW things. Because all the information is always just there.

Along with this knowing began to come the understanding of how I not only Know things, but that I personally, hear and see things as well.

I learned that when we come into this world, we have all have this in tact with us and once we understand language, everything changes. It happens because we are taught what things are instead of the automatic Knowing or sensing from our own awareness or energy.

Basically I understood that we start out this life in Pure Experience and shortly into it…we get trapped in our heads or in our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the bridge or sponge between the you hear on the earth and the higher or authentic you. What I mean by this is that there is a YOU formed by your LEARNED experiences and another YOU that is the one who is always present in NEW experiences. This you that is in the NOW is put to sleep by the subconscious minds understanding of the world. Basically the subconscious mind becomes the YOU living YOUR life.

This is where the limited world for you begins. Once you are told what things are, how things work and what you can and can’t do…you are trapped in this now formed world. UNTIL…you wake up!

I was being awakened to all this information, all at once. It was literally happening to me as I woke up. Suddenly I began to see the world differently. In fact I began to experience the world with all my regular five senses very differently. I noticed there was much more going on than I Imagined. Everything became alive. I began to notice I could hear people’s thoughts and emotions without speech, or even physical contact for that matter. I noticed that much more was going on in the world and in my own internal world as well. I could see in the body, I could see colors and pictures, I began to see past experiences for other people. I could see them as small children in events that they could remember, yet I was seeing them as though they were going on now. I began to understand ENERGY.

Now came the next lesson…..