My Story…Learning about the 3 spaces of TIME

Well now that I have started to talk about the physical changes I went through for my healing that was to come, now I would like to share the process I went through to develop my energetic or “intuition” also known as “psychic skills”.

I began to work directly with my automatic writing and Jinny to develop this “psychic space” in my head.

I was still doing my writing at the same time and in the same space each day and was receiving all kinds of information. It was  as if I was in school, I call it the school of GOD. I began to understand things about how everything really works, my favorite statement is ,”everything is backwards in human existence”, because I learned things on levels that I could not imagine, and the ways I would be as a healer at this very moment.

I just want to add here exactly what I do as healer today, so that as I progress in my story you all know how far I have come and what I do today.

Today I am known as a “Frequency Adjuster” and the Authentic YOU expert. I am a medical intuitive, a Reiki Master, and energy adjuster and balancer. What I do is….I move into your energy, get information on all levels at once, everything from what is going on with you physically, emotionally and spiritually, I can see inside the body, I can see your past, or future and even past levels of frequencies that are “causing you imbalance” in your present life. These “imbalances” are physical conditions, emotional situations such as depression or anxiety or spiritual in nature, like not knowing who you are, your life path or how to meet your life partner.

I match your energy and move it to a place of Presence, opening up channels of awareness, physical and emotional, that align you with your SOUL path, your natural perfect health and your natural ability to create from a frequency of “who you ARE”. What this does is put you in the frequency of what you most need at the moment. I then work with you to wake up, align and balance other levels of frequencies to allow for your health to balance, physically and emotionally. This will also balance your relationships and finances. All relationships in your life are all relationships, that is everything is about patterns and frequencies. I work with all this.

I am known as the “healers healer”, as many who I have worked with are healers themselves. I also have a very eclectic level of energy that moves through me. The levels of energy I work in are very high frequency levels and move things very profoundly and quickly.

I have worked with 1000’s of people, balancing, opening, aligning and shifting their energies and frequencies to help them create the health, wealth and life they were meant to have. The levels of energy I am working in now are much stronger and more profound then when I started all this. Today when I work with a person, I am able to move their energy much faster and with much more of a profound immediate effect.

Because energy is energy I am able to work with people on the phone, I currently have clients all over the world. If you do work with me in person, I am able to put my hands on you, and often I apply pressure in areas where I am moving through time in the person to release stuck emotions at the root. Often these roots are lodged deep within the energetic body, when they are released, patterns that were holding a persons life in a particular way are also released. This is a huge part of the healing as getting to the “root” allows for the “set point” frequency to change.

Ok for now that’s what I do, now back to my story..

So now I began to have my training on developing my psychic space or intuition. I learned to have a specific ritual to enter and leave this”space” because I was getting information within the space and about it and the physical world all at the same time. I was taught to first create a protective space around me, this would allow only higher energy and “truth” to be with me. I would say the lords prayer, Our Father….and then I would ask for only that of the light and love and would protect myself with white light. I also was told to where a clear quartz crystal around my neck because it would absorb negative energy and when it was full, it would break. I actually had that happen and when it broke I was to throw it in the ocean and get a new one.

After I set my protections in place, I would imagine 10 steps moving upward and would begin to walk up the steps and each count I would step deeper into the energy until I reached the top step where I would imagine a door, here I would say’ I am now entering my laboratory. Then I would imagine opening the door and walking through.

The first time I did this, I could see the steps, they were wooden, not too big and went straight up. When I reached the top step I felt I was directly in front of a small wooden door. At first it had no handle, then when I reached toward the door a small round handle appeared. I opened the door and walked through, it was all dark with nothing there.

I want to point out, this was all inside the left side of my head. I was having physical sensations at this time,  I was in a different kind of energy, although I couldn’t articulate what the energy really was. I guess the best way to say it was I felt kind of High.

This was day one, day two I did the same thing again and this time when I entered the room, a small desk appeared with a chair. It was wooden like an old school desk from elementary school and a small chair. I went in and sat down, but it was still all dark.

The third day I did the same thing, this time when I went in the room, the desk and chair were there, so I sat down again, but this time it was as if the back wall, which had been dark, became light and I could see figures moving toward me, I saw lots and lots of what looked like people coming toward me, they seemed to be lining up as if in a line to come forward to share something with me. I was a little overwhelmed with the vision that I just took it in. Suddenly I realized there was a notebook and pen in front of me on the desk, I picked the pen up and opened the notebook to find the words on the top of the page, “lesson 1”. There wasn’t anything else written on the page, I began to hear voices speaking to me, saying hello, we are your teachers and we want you to write what we will teach you.

Until tomorrow….

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