My Story…my progression and understanding of ENERGY

Well I thought I should give a little of the story about how I progressed in Energy before I jumped into the healing circles and practice I had here in florida.

I’ll begin when I entered massage school, I remember walking into the school and found a group of people holding hands in a circle, they asked me to join and one of them started asking questions about the “flow of energy”?!

I was thinking to myself, “who are these crazy people and what the heck are they talking about”?

Boy have I come a long way from that day! It really started for me there though, for some reason I stuck out to these people, I had just entered the school and suddenly I was the “guru” of massage.

It was kind of weird to me, I couldn’t understand what was happening, people were very drawn to me and thought I had really great “energy”. I had a fellow student give me a book, it was called “personal power through awareness”, by Sanaya Roman. I loved the book it began to awaken me to the things that were not physical, energy started to come into my awareness.

I got two more of her books, “Living with joy and Spiritual Growth, Being your higher self”. These 3 books began to open my awareness to energy and all the subtle things around me.

My very first experiences that led me to the healer I am today, was doing massage on people and finding that I had pain later that night in the same place, my client earlier had experienced. At first I though it was my body mechanics, but when it started happening more regularly, I spoke with the person who gave me the book. She pointed out that I was taking on other peoples pain.

She told me just to put my hand on the area and tell my body, this doesn’t belong to me, I will not except this in my body, go away. I tried it that night and too my went away!

It wasn’t long after this that I met Jinny and had that reading where I learned I could do automatic writing. I asked questions about all this and got answers.

I learned that every physical condition has an emotional root, in fact it breaks down in the spirit first, then it breaks down emotionally, then the physical.

I began to ask about what I was here for, how I was to be a healer, in what way would I do this?

I started to have a kind of training…first I became aware of what was happening in my own body when I came next to another person, then when I put my hands on them. I noticed that I had all kinds of sensations in my own body, especially when I touched another person. And I noticed I had thoughts and pictures in my head.

I began my training to both develop my physical body to be able to hold higher levels of energy and also to develop my “psychic space” to understand the Energy that was happening as well.

As for my physical body, I was told things would begin to happen, first I was told I would have pains in my arms, this was because I was being,”amped up” so to speak, I was told it was as if the wires were getting larger to hold greater amounts of energy. Then I was told I would have”heavy feet”, because the energy was coming in so fast and strong I needed more grounding. Also my diet changed, OFTEN! I kept taking certain things out and adding new things.

I was told that the physical body needs to be in a certain way in order to handle higher levels of energy, frequencies.

After my “vessel” was ready at each new level, I experienced new healing things happening for people. The first experience I remember was during a Rolfing session with an attorney, now Rolfing is very deep body work, and of course the attorney in my eyes was not open at all to energy. I have to add that I had not done any healing work at this point in my practice, just training.

Ok so here I was in session, and I hear in my head,”do energy work on him”, I said “NO”, then I hear it again,”do some energy work”, again I said “NO”, then I heard it again, this time I said, “ok if you want me to do energy work you have to give me an opening”, just then as if someone whispered in his ear…he says out loud,” do you know anything about energy”?

This is when I became aware of what “psychic space”was. You see there are 3 spaces of time, you have physical space, your mind space and what is called “psychic space”, this space sits off in your head, I have found usually on the left side. This is where the voice came from.

A few days later, because I had now become aware of this space, I was with a friend of mine and she introduced me to her friend. As soon as I came close to him, I said to him “you have hepatitis and its on your liver on the left lower lobe”. Honestly at the time…I had no idea where that came from and why it came out of my mouth! He was a little taken back, as he was going to the doctor the following day and he had not received any diagnose yet.

He did go to the doctor the next day and yes I was exactly correct, he had hepatitis and it was his left lower lobe.

Then there were others who I suddenly could see inside there bodies and tell them things that were going on. One I remember was really profound…I had a women who was in her late 70’s who had a stroke. She had come to me because she had difficulty transferring from her wheelchair to the toilet. I had worked with her regularly, massage, but this day she came in, she had another stroke and was really bad off. When she laid on the table had left leg would stick up in the air, this was normal for her but this day she was also really out of it. She had already been in an assisted living home, but now her daughter brought her in because she was afraid she would have to move her to another level of assistance.

So I put her on the table and I sat at her head and put my hands on her head. Suddenly I saw in my psychic space a huge crack in her head and light was coming out of it, I then saw a large needle show up and it began to stitch this crack, I then put my hand over it, all the while I was still just holding her head watching all this in my head.

Then I saw what looked like angels surround her on the table and just then she said out loud, “where’s that singing coming from? I felt this surge of energy and then her leg, that had been up in the air for months since I had treated her, suddenly dropped. I opened my eyes and she sat up and got off the table and into her chair! Her daughter although extremely grateful, had no idea what had just happened. I knew it was an amazing healing!

This was when I began to except that GOD had gifted me with something amazing and I was going to do everything I could to understand it. I began to work with Jinny to develop my psychic space.

until tomorrow…..

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