My Story…Moving to the south and beginning making connections

So now I arrive in florida, with my new connections and my “mission”. What I had received in my writing was a diagram of a healing center, a very specific design. It would be able to have within it all the frequencies that humans exist in so that anyone just coming into contact with this place would have their frequency raised. I also drew this same design,with the addition of specific sacred geometric elements in a hand held instrument, this is now the “Frequency Adjuster tm”.  You can learn more about it at

I was guided to go to a spiritualist church in Orlando so that I could practice healing and  to have people get to know me.

I need to add here, I was feeling and getting lots of information that I was “different” that I had a greater calling from GOD here and I needed to just follow and allow it all to happen.

So off I went very innocently and naively to the spiritualist church of awareness in Orlando Florida.

I knew I was told I needed to be there and I was told I could do healing there so that people could know what I do.

I attended the services for several months before I asked to join the church. To my surprise when I asked to join…I was denied! I remember crying and going home not knowing what was wrong with me. What kind of looser was I to be rejected by a church! I couldn’t understand, although I didn’t add here that I had started to experience some strange reactions to me happening from people in the healing community. A kind of jealously or feeling of being threatened. I couldn’t understand this as for me, all is about God and connection and I was excited to give healing and serve the higher purpose.

I had a friend of mine who was already a member of the church who was the one who encouraged me to join, he was shocked that I was not accepted, so he asked why, we were told some answer like I wasn’t known there enough yet. I came to find out that, a short time before I came to the church, another person who I guess had a similar energy to mine had joined the church and became president of it. She was younger than some of the members and she had updated ideas for healing and change. These older people did not like this, so they did everything to remove her, and they succeeded. I represented the same threat to them…so they thought.

After my crying and speaking about it, I knew my energy came across as GOD intended, so I became a member of the church and also a healer for them.

It was here I began to notice that I was doing things differently then the others. There would be sundays where there were maybe 5 healers and all the people were lined up to see me. Apparently I was the one they wanted to receive healing from. I knew what I was feeling, but this was the beginning of some validation for me that my healing was different from others.

When I was in England one of the people I had met was a medium in Orlando and she had a sister who was in the process of looking into and creating a healing center. This sounded like a good match and start for the vision I had been given for the healing center. We met and began to look at buildings for our center. I need to add here that the design of the center I had received was very specific in design and structure. The ones we were looking at at that time where just buildings to rent that we could create some kind of healing center to start with.

I worked with her for awhile trying to find a suitable building, when she stayed focused on a building that had a wall around it…the owners instead of changing the outside of the building to make it more presentable, they built a wall around it, so that if you were inside one of the rooms and looked out the window, you would see a wall!  For me and what I knew about energy, that would not be good for healing.  I had to move away from her and that center.  She did end up opening the center, but it never really developed because the energy couldn’t move.

I began my own quest to create the center I had been given.  I had a friend of mine who we worked together to find a good location, of which we did, I went to an architect I knew to see how this could be done and how much it would cost.  Money always seems to be a big stopping point, or at least it was.

As I continued looking for ways to start this healing center, I continued growing as a healer myself. I started traveling a bit taking classes with some well known teachers, like Barbara Brennen, Wayne Dwyer, Doreen Virtue and Abraham Hicks to name a few. I also started my own healing circles around town and began my private practice.

Things were just happening to and for me….

> My Story…my progression and understanding of ENERGY