My Story Continued….Learning what new abilities I had

Now that I became aware that I had no idea who I really was, I was on a mission to find out!

I started with just surrender…yes, just saying what the …I have nothing to lose to just let go as I was totally miserable at the time. I figured what was the worst thing that would happen? I would continue to feel the same?

I remember there was this free paper that I came across and it had an add for friends, so I placed an add, a women responded and as God would have it…she was a chaplain in the military. We became friends and she was planning a trip to florida, I decided to join her.

This is when I realized I loved florida and noticed the cost of living was a lot less than where I was in Northern Virginia.

Now I was only thinking about this when I found myself come across another magazine, this being a new age one and I noticed an add for a psychic fair in Washington D.C.. I had never done anything like that before, but thought it could be interesting.

I had already been introduced to energy a little through my massage school experience but not much to talk about at this time.

So I asked a friend if she wanted join me and we went to the fair. There we signed up for a few mini readings of all kinds, as I was signing up I was told there was this women, Jinny who was coming, and this person was really good and that I should have a session with her. I had already signed up for several so I wasn’t going to have another, but something told me to sign with her too.

So I made my rounds through all the readings, having Jinny be the last, I didn’t feel much of anything with any of the readers, including Jinny, but for some reason I felt compelled to take Jinny’s card.

I left that day and maybe two weeks later I decide to have a full reading with Jinny, no special reason in my mind except I was intrigued. I remember thinking to myself before I called to schedule, wouldn’t it be cool to have the ability to do this reading myself.

So I lived in Northern Virginia and Jinny lived in Maryland. I could have taken a drive to have a reading in person, but she also did them on the phone, so I opted for that. At that time Jinny would send you a tape of your reading to keep. I had my reading with her, which again wasn’t too special, kind of generic information and a few days later I received my tape.

I went to listen to my tape and I found it was blank! I called Jinny and explained this to her and she told me this had never happened before and that she felt I was supposed to come to her house for another reading.

I went to her house a few days later and here through a reading, I was told that I had a dual contract in this life, one as a healer and one as a people mover. That is I would be the person to introduce people to each other. I was also told that I would be moved south because all my energy was being used up for survival in the north and that I did automatic writing.

I was guided to practice this writing in the same space and same time so that I could receive accurate information as to what would be coming next into my life.

I went home and started practicing, I found that I could hear things in my head first and then my hand would write it, I was getting confused as to if it was me or God speaking to me, so I asked to have the handwriting change. When the energy, guides, God spoke to me, the writing moved left to right, my hand writing moved right to left.

I was told that I would meet someone who was healer who I then would go to England to study with and there in England I would meet people who lived in Orlando who would show me the ropes of the spiritual community in Florida.

I remember receiving a phone call from a man named John who told me of a healer named Eammon Downey who was teaching at Stansted Hall In Stansted England. I set up my stay there, and actually had just moved to Orlando because of what was put in motion from my meeting the chaplin, got my flight from there and off to England I went, there I met the reverend of Cassadaga, a spiritualist camp outside of Orlando and several other people who lived in Orlando who told me of the spiritual community in Orlando.

So my adventure begins……

> My Story…Moving to the south and beginning making connections