The Frequencyadjuster and the Cardiovascular body system

So if any of you have read about the “frequency adjuster tm”, you know that when it is attuned to you, it will align you with all the natural frequencies for your body systems.  What does this mean and what can I expect?

Well, it means that there is a natural movement or “frequency”  that your body systems will vibrate to, that will be YOUR perfect health.  When your body systems are vibrating at this rate, you will feel a sense of calm, a connectedness to all that is around you.

Lets take the first one that will be aligned with the “frequency adjuster tm” .  This will be the cardiovascular system.  This of course is the heart and blood flow.  What you will feel is a sense of calm coming over you , a kind of rhythm happening to your blood flow and heart rate.  There will be a physical sensation, but also there will be an emotional and spiritual sensation as well.  Most people not only have the sense of calm they feel, but also have a peace come over them and often begin to dream.

The dreaming that occurs is more of a kind of memory, a memory of what you have dreamed your life to be.  In fact if you pay close attention, the calm feeling and peace are also the sensations of living out this dream of the life you really desire.

The natural frequencies of the body systems align us to who we are.  Here it is no coincidence that the first is the “heart”.  The balancing of the heart is needed first to align all the other systems, both literally and metaphorically.

Every metaphor about the heart you can think of will relate as the attuning occurs.  Think of what it might feel like to open your heart, put your heart into something or having a heart about something.  This will help you begin to recognize what is happening as you align with the cardiovascular system.   For more information or questions feel free to comment. Life is an amazing adventure, especially when it is aligned with YOU!

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