The Attuning Process

Hold the Frequency Adjuster® with both hands, (there is an infinity symbol that should be to your right and facing straight up) putting your index and middle fingers on the first of the 10 ridges(these are the risen lines on either side of the infinity symbol) and your thumbs on the end points. The first of the sides will be the one closest to you when the infinity is directly upward on the instrument. You will be covering the infinity symbol at this point.

Hold this line for 9 seconds, while sounding Om.  Roll it away from you to the next line and repeat the 9 second process, continue to do this 11 times, or until you have the infinity facing upward and your fingers are on the ridge you started with. This will complete the circle.

This will complete the attuning of all the body systems, chakra system and the awareness of Source and the Earth. After the attuning process simply store it in the holder with the infinity symbol at the top.

You can carry it with you and even sleep with it as it will align and clear out old frequencies at a faster rate.  It is a Zero point to allow you to align to the “perfect” frequencies on the planet for all your body systems, chakra systems and the awareness of Source and earth and cannot be altered as it has no ego.

You can use the adjuster daily to see where your body systems are and keep unwanted frequencies from effecting you at a faster rate, by completing the 9 sec om.  The process of releasing daily will be to do the om for 9 sec and the sound should have a low to high smooth pitch.  If the sound you make, cracks or wavers, do the 9 sec 2 more times and on the 3rd time the sound should level out.  This will bring back into immediate balance the body system that may have been effected by outside frequencies.  The adjuster will do this naturally, however if you do this yourself regularly it will only increase the rate and have you feel amazing all the time.  Think of the adjuster as your tool for perfect frequency health.

The body systems are listed below, the first one you will touch will be the Cardiovascular system. They will move in alphabetical order.

YOU don’t have to, but you can imagine the systems as you are holding them for the 9 seconds to feel the frequencies coming into balance. What you will feel is a sense of CALM and a sense of presence and grounded-ness.

The Attuning Process only needs to be done once, unless you close the Frequency Adjuster back in the box. If you do close the Frequency Adjuster back in the box, you will need to repeat the process the next time you open the box.

Watch Video on home page for further instructions 

Body Systems Attuned to the Frequency Adjuster

  1. Cardiovascular
  2. Digestive
  3. Endocrine
  4. Integumentary
  5. Lymphatic
  6. Muscular
  7. Nervous
  8. Reproductive
  9. Respiratory
  10. Skeletal
  11. Urinary