When you here these words from your hospital Oncology team, “There is nothing more we can do for you, go home and call Hospice and get on morphine because the cancer has spread to 100% of your lung lining, soon you will not be able to breath” it can be devastating to most people. In fact, it was to my Mother who was sitting beside my bed at the time. She immediately started to sob as I told her, “Mom don’t worry, I know more than they do”, as I thought about Kathy.

So many people hear these words and do exactly that, they go home and die, but I had other ideas and tools in my bag. #1 was Kathy Hall! I have been working with Kathy for almost 2 years. The Universe had brought us together long distance over the phone. Her living in Florida and I was living in New Mexico. Back then I was skeptical of long distance healing and energy work but now I am the biggest believer!
At first as I was learning from Kathy we talked weekly, sometimes 2 times a week depending on how I was feeling. I cannot begin to explain how much these weekly sessions helped me. As I learned more and more, our counseling/guiding/teaching lessons where about once a month. Sometimes people have issues paying someone for an over-the-phone session, but for myself, learning what I learned from Kathy saved my life and I would have paid 10 times the amount!

She helped me deal with the mental and emotional roller coaster that cancer brings, the anxiety, helplessness and frustration as well. Then she helped me with the physical affects of cancer by working with my own energy and pain. She taught me to be present, forgive, love, surrender and how to keep this energy moving. Sounds to simple I know, but this was the hardest work I had ever done! In fact, up until the day in the hospital I still had not figured it out! I just kept working on it and trying to understand what Kathy had been teaching me.

Then 3 days after leaving the hospital I had the most wonderful experience, I almost died! Everything Kathy had been trying to teach me for years all came together. I was staring death in the face. I could see it, feel it and even taste it. Then it happened….I released the FEAR of death. There was no need to fear anymore because it was already happening. I surrendered and let the fear of cancer and death go. Then the most amazing thing happened, I felt my chest open and physically felt the fear energy leave my body! Everything that Kathy had been trying to teach me for 2 years happened. I surrendered, and the fear and death left my body physically! I spoke to God and God gave me another chance and I knew I would get better and live! I laughed and cried tears of joy as I finally understood what Kathy had been teaching me!

I immediately started to get better, Kathy taught me how to connect with my higher self and listen to my inner voice, to guide me to my physical healing. I was inspired to do all natural treatments to boost my immune system and to start working with this new energy I feel in my body to motivate, inspire and heal others. 3 months after leaving the Hospital to “Die”, I was re-born instead. My PET scan showed an 80% reduction in the cancer and my numbers continue to drop as my body and spirit repairs itself.

I truly believe with all my heart, without Kathy I would not be here today. I continue to do my homework and now have incorporated Kathy’s Frequency Adjuster into my healing sessions and am amazed at how I am moving to yet another level with this tool. Kathy is an amazing Earth Angel and I look forward to our next adventures together.

-Paula Briseno – Stage 4 Breast/lymph/lung/bone cancer


“On my spiritual journey there are only a few humans that I have experienced and known that have the level of multidimensional awareness that Cathleena possesses in relationship to frequencies. During group energy work she can zoom in on and discern the most minute frequencies that are playing out within the individuals as well as in the collective of the group. She is masterful at matching the frequencies required to alchemize and integrate deep healing work both in the micro of humanity as well as the macro of Gaia.

However, what allows Cathleena to stand out in my heart as a true Master healer of humanity and Ambassador of Gaia is that she shows up authentically everyday holding the mirror up and diving deep into her own shadows, while coming out on the other side embodying more of her true God Self. It’s an honor to be on this Earth journey together as a friend and fellow Light Colleague”.

-Brooklin Rayne


I had a healing session with Kathy.  I was not really sure what to expect , but I wanted to try  it.  I had lots of stuff going on with me and it was building up inside.

I could feel the energy moving through my body when she touched me !  I know it’s different for everyone,  but it was a release I’ve needed.  Deep down inside me things were stuck .  These were able to release after my session,  I am very thankful for the help of Kathy . I feel lighter and a lot more clear .

I am singing her praises, and I will be having more sessions in the future!   I decided to try another “healer”  when I was on vacation,  I could really say there was such a difference, Kathy truly has a gift.  I would recommend her to all my friends, family and clients!

Krista Corrado, Naples Florida


I wanted to share my personal experience with the Frequency Adjuster. First, and foremost I can literally feel the energy moving through it. I thought I was being over zealous about it, so I shared it with several people and asked them to hold it and just said “give me feedback”. Each one could feel the same energy as I did. I know it’s important to attune the energy back to me after I allow other people to hold it.

I like to use it just prior to my meditation practice. I feel it must help align my chakra’s or something because I feel the natural vibration of my own energy is stronger, and I love that!

Ultimately I am pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the tool itself is and the wooden carrying case. I love having it and in a way it’s empowering just to look at because I know what it is doing to connect the natural flow of my energy with everything!

Thank you for sharing your gifts, literally!

Carla Bishop, Cleveland Ohio

I have always considered myself a woman who is most often than not open to new ideas and philosophies. I have also believed that we just don’t ” exist” on earth as only a solid being, exposed to the surroundings of which we are a part and of which we most likely take for granted.

As a first time user of Kathy’s frequency adjuster this past weekend, I have experienced a renewed sense of calm around me, which I really cannot define with words.

We are a bilaterally symmetrical being, pretty much divided down the middle by design, which leads me to believe that like a car being driven down the road, we must remain centered in order to be where we are supposed to be, without any possibility of obstacles or pitfalls tossing us into dangerous situations.

As a teacher, my job is one I love, but as in any job, there are occasionally days of mild stress, some days of indecision on choices I had to make, and a ” tightness”, though not physical in nature.

After using the frequency adjuster for the first time, there is a noticeable alteration in my ability to concentrate, get things done in a logical fashion, and I am actually aware of a definite sense of peace and serenity around me. The only way I can describe my mood is as if I had a glass of wine, though no alcohol is part of this marvelous instrument.

Today is Thursday, March 23. On March 19th, I used the adjuster for the first time under the guidance and direction of Kathy.

At this point in time, all I can say is that the sense of well being, peace, calmness, and increased ability to make simple decisions , and reason with myself on a totally different plane is nothing short of remarkable. Whether people consider this ” power of suggestion” or reality doesn’t make a difference to me. All I know is what I am still feeling 5 days later. I am looking forward to returning to my classroom next Monday with a totally renewed ” me”.

For anyone who is skeptical, believe this: there is more out there for us than just living, working, and thinking tens of thoughts at the same time, wondering if any are accurate or beneficial. The positive energy and realignment of my body with my total mind is remarkable. Give it s try- you wont be sorry

Karen Eismann, Boynton Beach, Florida

I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let Kathy thank you for your Frequency Adjuster.

I felt the energy moving inside me soon as I touched it

We wanted to find a place to move for months. We wanted to be in the city. We couldn’t find the perfect place and were very unhappy where we were. We have been looking for more than 12 months! I received my Frequency Adjuster on Thursday. I didn’t open the box until Friday. I wanted to wake up, feel fresh then. use it and feel all the benefit.

On Saturday morning my husband said let’ s try again we really need to move! At noon we have signed and were ready for our new life. ! We found an amazing place with the huge windows that I was wishing to have and all the amenities that you can dream about. My new place even offers an art studio that I share with other residents !

Thank you again Kathy I have no idea how it works but It does!!!! users know a little more about you.

Medge Jaspen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

7 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I was introduced to Kathy and the Frequency Adjuster by a friend who thought I needed some clearing. I’m the kind of person who asks lots of questions before I decide to commit. Kathy was very patient with me and answered (and still does) all the questions I had to make sure I understood what’s going on. The sessions with her were informative, helping me to find out why things are what they are now by tuning into my energy field to find out the root cause.

    I also got the frequency adjuster, which I was skeptical at first. How could a wooden stick possibly help me? Right after I received mine I got sick and Kathy explains it’s because the old things in me were (and still are) trying to clear out. So it’s certainly doing its job! Everyone’s experiences is different but if you are like me experiencing sickness, keep going because all you want is to drop all the nasty stuff behind!

    If you feel you are ready to clear your old self or you feel you always get stuck in something in life, I would recommend having sessions with Kathy and the Frequency Adjuster.

  2. Being introduced to Kathy and what she does has completely changed my life. In the few months I have worked with her, after purchasing a frequency adjuster, I don’t know if I would recognize the person I am today, versus the over stressed and lonely person I was. The inner peace, self love & balance I have gained from the frequency adjuster should be something everyone in the world experiences. I can’t fathom the gratitude I have daily from being apart of something so amazing and beautiful. Words really can’t describe how you feel when you are able to control your emotions to have a better life. No need to be skeptical in not understanding how it will work for you. That will be apparent to you soon enough. Thank you Kathy.

  3. Cathleena has a wonderful way of not only helping me understand this resetting your crystaline DNA, but actually helps to remove the chaotic energy that keeps us all from experiencing this elevated 5th dimensional grid. I am empowered to shift from an old 3rd dimensional grid into a much higher 5th dimensional grid that dramatically improves my quality of life. She also gives tools to stay connected to this new 5th dimensional grid and an elevated state of consciousness. Her activation to create abundance was very confirming of what I had previously experienced when awakening into divine presence. I could feel this beautiful sense of worthiness with nothing missing. Cathleena is a wonderful spiritual teacher and healer!! Thank you for sharing your signature gifts in the world.

    Darren Sadge

  4. Hello to everybody who has the great fortune to meet Cathleena. I came down from Bhutan with extreme pain in my knees. I went to the doctor when I came back and they took an MRI-scan of my knees. They found a tumor in my knee. they knew the kind of tumor and said it had to be operated as soon as possible. They send the pictures to the hospital and they would contact me. In the mean time I had a session with Cathleena. She guided me in a state where we cut loose the tumor and made it in smaller pieces so it could be integrated by the body. It all felt very good and tingling. A week later the surgeon and his specialist team phoned me and told me that they cold not find the tumor any more. And that an operation was not needed.
    But… what I liked the most about Cathleena is how she embraces you into her heart energy. You feel so cared for. She easy taps into your energy fields and really connects with you. I felt so connected and cared for and somehow all by doubt melted away. I sincerely hope that many people may benefit from her extra ordinary gift and her warm personality. I feel extremely blessed to know her. Thank you very much dearest Cathleena.

  5. When I found out Cathleena was going to be in my hometown for a lecture, I immediately felt a strong nudge (push, shove!) to book a private session with her. At the time, I didn’t know a lot about Cathleena’s work but I was inexplicably drawn to her. I am so grateful I followed that inner wisdom to connect with her! I can honestly say that I left my session with Cathleena not FEELING like a new person – I WAS a new person. In the days that followed my clearing and reset, I felt surges of euphoria that I have never experienced before. The energy was palpable and electric. I have since come to realize my frequency did, in fact, change and my body was adjusting to the new energy. The feeling was profoundly liberating. I have met with many different practitioners over the years but my session with Cathleena was extraordinary. I’m so happy I purchased a Frequency Adjuster of my own so I can continue to attune and balance my energy moving forward. Thank you, Cathleena for sharing your tremendous love and light with others!

  6. It’s been a week and 1 day since I received my frequency adjuster. I’ve been wanting one for some time now. I wasn’t sure what it would do or really how it worked. I just thought that if it could help me become more centered and clearer on my path, that it would be well worth it. But no real expectation of what it would do.
    I have been suffering on my left side (hips, shoulder & back – from my neck to my tailbone) with excrutiating pain and I have a very high pain tolerance level. To the point where in the morning I could barely bend, having to put my socks and underwear on with the help of a back scratcher! I have been to several doctors and chiropractors and nothing takes it away. My guides told me it was emotional stuff that needed to be moved. Shortly after, during a reading that what my guides had told me, was confirmed.

    I recieved my frequency adjuster and have to admit, I had to do it a few times. I slept with it after reading that helps the process. To my amazment, I slept solid like I can’t remember how long it’s been since I slept like that. Immediately, I noticed my body didn’t ache. I felt light and could move and bend with no pain or trouble at all! I couldn’t believe it! I’ve been journaling how I feel daily. When I first received it, it wasn’t until after activating it did I feel a sense of calm and could gently feel the energy run through my body and limbs. My pain is gone now and I feel more balanced, without stress & happier. I LOVE this wonderful tool!! I’m so grateful for this! I just purchased one for my daughter and one for a freind. Thanks Cathleena for making this available.

  7. I must share and post.
    “We all have the correct crystals, tools, and all that we desire to help us express ourselves into the world.” This is what I thought. I said this over and over. I recently was called to purchase a Frequency Adjuster, and then a 1-1 session and all I can say is “total and complete fine tuning” of the soul and expression. AMazing. Supportive and DIVINE. Amen-mazing
    I’m smiling typing this.
    It’s been a leap, a jump, and supportive. Buy the adjuster and book a session. You won’t regret it.

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