Frequency Adjuster® Transformational Package – “Stopping the YO/YO syndrome in you life”


5 Sessions of the “Frequency Adjustment” at a package rate of $500.00, that’s a 20% discount.


“Stopping the YO/YO syndrome in you life!

Are you someone who has great fortune and success at one point in you life and suddenly within weeks, months or years, the tables turn?

Do you find to your surprise, all you once had seems to slipping away and you can’t seem to understand what is happening or has happened?

Perhaps you may even say that this pattern of gaining and loosing in just “your life”.

Designed specifically to address this pattern, highlight why and how it is happening and provide real change to stop it from being a way of life.

All Packages have a specific sequence from time of first scheduled session unless special arrangements have been agreed upon.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9.375 x 4.125 x 2 in


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