Frequency Adjustment Session with Activation of Crystalline DNA


I have been asked a lot what I do as a Frequency Adjuster and Energy Healer and what a Frequency Adjustment is and what exactly “I” do with this energy work. I wanted to tell you all in just a few words what I do. I “Heal the past”, and AWAKEN YOUR SOUL CONNECTION to the “Authentic YOU” that is what I do.



A session with Cathleena will be matching your energy and accessing your current frequencies, to begin calibrating these frequencies to Zero point.  This will create a foundation, to begin the real work of adjusting life patterns that are both not authentically you and most authentically you.  

Each session is unique and completely channeled.  You can expect major shifts in the current patterns of either your mental, emotional or physical bodies or a combination of them collectively.These shifts come immediately with an ongoing range of adjustments occurring over the next few weeks to several months.  All this will be explained at the end of the session.

Cathleena works with many groups to facilitate your session including the council of 9 collective, Jesus, Mary Magdeline, the Arturians, Andromedans and Archangels.

Cathleena’s work sets foundations for recognizing and activating your own authentic signature and divine purpose

Sessions will include an Activation of the Crystalline DNA

I am available for sessions in person or via zoom or phone.

Sessions are 50min


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