The Many Usages Of The “Om Healing Wand”

Because the “Om Healing Wand” is you, it is literally a physical representation of your energy
body here on Earth in it’s purest form. IT IS NOT A QUICK FIX OR A TOOL TO

However, you can use the wand daily to see where your body systems are and keep unwanted frequencies from effecting you at a faster rate, by completing the 9 sec om.  The process of releasing daily will be to do the om for 9 sec and the sound should have a low to high smooth pitch.  If the sound you make, cracks or wavers, do the 9 sec 2 more times and on the 3rd time the sound should level out.  This will bring back into immediate balance the body system that may have been effected by outside frequencies.  The adjuster will do this naturally, however if you do this yourself regularly it will only increase the rate and have you feel amazing all the time.  Think of the adjuster as your tool for perfect frequency health.

It is the perfection of “YOUR” energy body, that includes all your body systems, your
chakra system and your connection to GOD and the Earth…WITHOUT AN EGO!!
It really is that simple!

However it does not operate in any simple manner. What it is actually doing, when it is attuned
to you, is it is quite literally, “CLEANING” your energy body of all past debris, so to speak.
Imagine all the things that have happened to you in your life, ones you remember and ones you
don’t, that may have caused you or are still causing you any kind of fear or distress.

Imagine these memories, events, thoughts, carry and energy or frequency to them and imagine
you have an invisible field that is around you, where all these “frequencies” are stored.
Now imagine these stored frequencies are magnets for more of them to come to you, come
into your life!

Well if your carrying around all kinds of fear, stress or trauma and it is magnetizing “MORE” of it
to you!!! I think you can begin to see my point!

Frequency Adjuster

The “Om Healing Wand”, when attuned to you, quite literally cleans these frequencies out of
your energy body. It is doing this naturally after attunement, however, if you hold it, sleep with it
and even lay on it, and practice the 9sec om daily,  it can moves these frequencies at an exponential rate.

If you are an energy healer or practitioner of any kind, you can use the wand  to
move energies with your clients. Of course ultimately everyone will want their own so that
once all the “OLD’ frequencies are removed, the “Om Healing Wand”, will continue to keep
those frequencies from collecting EVER again.