Holidays and STRESS, Don’t carry around someone else’s energy.

It’s no coincidence that as the holidays get closer, your stress levels about these occasions increase.  Not only do we naturally feel all the details involved with making the dates amazing, but we also feel all the energies of everyone else!

It can be, often, hard to know what you are feeling and what you are picking up from others during these naturally stressful times.  We all have natural magnets for emotions (frequencies). And during the holidays, there are certainly are a lot of emotions around us.   Whatever ones we carry the most are the ones that are the most magnetic to us.

This idea of “carrying” means, how much of this emotion we own in our energy body.  We all have a physical and an energy body.  The energy body is where all of our beliefs reside.  Mostly what is stored here in this physical experience, are fears. Which very often create stress.  They have been created from past beliefs that we kept, memories of how we felt at a certain time in our life.  These fears are magnets reaching out for matches all the time.  Believe it or not it is how we feel comfortable. Even stress when matched will create a feeling of comfort.  You might not understand this, but when your fears are matched you actually feel better.

Heres’s an example, say you have a fear that you don’t have enough money to pay your monthly bills and this in turn creates stress for you and you tell someone about it.  They respond with, don’t worry I am in the same boat, and I know lots of people who are too, its just the way things are right now.  The fact that others are in this situation with you, feeling stress as well and this person sent you the same energy as you are feeling about it, allowed you to let go and somehow feel ok about it.

This is matching the energy.  This happens not only because of words,  also all things carry a frequency to them.  You could be aligning yourself with many people, things, your environment, that also align you with this same energy. And this energy may very well be fear or stress.

I want to give you an amazing solution to this that has a one time cost, but will forever be the frequency of Love, joy and abundance to match for you.

Frequency Adjuster® “Om Healing Wand”.  This amazing wand, when attuned to you will match all your natural frequencies which are always high vibrations of Love, Joy, Abundance and Freedom.

Give yourself and others a true life long gift this year. Take the step to invest in your TRUE natural and take back your birth right to THRIVE.

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