Healing through Sacred Geometry

I guess we need to know what Sacred Geometry is before we can talk about healing.  Well, Sacred Geometry is just geometry, the study of angles, shapes lines etc.  You see, this is where everything began.  It is how we as humans began. The only part about Sacred is that it is the way CREATION is formed into matter.

This subject is way to vast  to explain here, but for this blog post, lets just say that the idea of lines and shapes has everything to do with energy and we are an energy being having a physical experience.

The idea of Healing in this case refers to more of aligning or balancing.  We are already perfect as Geometry is perfect in the way things are formed.  Like us as humans.  The place where healing comes in is the degree of frequency that something is vibrating to.  With the movement of sacred geometries angles and lines,  certain frequencies are formed that will create HEALTH for each of us.

Each of us has a Natural frequency that we vibrate to for our life to be our own.  This is where health and healing lies.  It is individual to YOU.  It is Sacred to YOU.

The “frequency adjuster tm” is YOU before the frequencies of YOU have been directed into a different frequency.

What I mean is, here on the planet, there are many different frequencies, because we are energy, energy follows movement.  If you are not centered in your own frequency, you can follow another one and not know you have done this.  What this will do is cause you dis-ease in your life.

This happens because you BELIEVE certain things, and these BELIEFS have a frequency to them.  You being energy, attach yourself to these beliefs and energy.  This causes your life to follow  in a certain path or frequency.  Often this path is not really the one that is meant for YOU.  When you do this, it causes a disturbance in your own energy and creates dis-ease in you life.  This dis-ease may show up, physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

When you have the “frequency adjuster tm”, which is made from Sacred Geometry principals that align you with YOUR natural frequencies, “HEALING” occurs in you life because you are now attuned to who YOU really are.  The idea of “healing” is really just aligning you with YOU.

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