The Frequency Adjuster, Suicide and HOPE

In today’s world it seems we are having an epidemic of suicide.  Many of these are committed by young teens.  For an individual to actually go through with the act of killing themselves, they must have lost all HOPE.

The only way a person can really lose ALL hope is to have no connection to ANY THING. That is they would have no connection to their life, family, friends…but mostly they would have no connection to GOD or the Earth.

When we are born, we literally come out of our mother, we align with what are called Natural Frequencies, here on earth.  This basically lets us know we are connected to GOD and Earth, where before we were just connected to GOD.

As we grow and develop we begin to understand language, our subconscious mind is formed.  It is not exactly this simple but for this blog and what I would like to bring to you, lets just say this is how it begins.  Basically the subconscious mind becomes the bridge or sponge between YOU the real YOU and the YOU that runs around in the world.  Once this subconscious mind is formed  you are no longer in PURE experience, now your experience is tainted because you are told what things are etc.

Now as I understand it, all this was supposed to be our NORMAL experience here on earth, taking in information and deciding what to keep and what not to.  All the way doing this on a SELF discovery of who we are and what we are dong here.  Because these Natural frequencies are connected to us, no matter what we would FEEL the connection at the core level, a sense of HOPE would always be present, no matter what our life experiences.

When a person goes to the extreme of KILLING themselves, this HOPE has been disconnected somehow.  They are in essence in LIMBO, where they have no connection to GOD or the Earth.  This is what is happening on the earth today and happening through the MIND.

The natural frequency connections that we align with are through the HEART connection.  They are not through THOUGHT, they are through a FEELING or KNOWING that is natural to all of us.  It is all pure energy.  We are energy beings having a physical experience.

Through the use of FEAR and JUDGEMENT, the mind can be controlled to BELIEVE that there is no HOPE.  When we have our ground, our Natural connection to GOD and Earth in tact, the mind can still be controlled here on the planet, but the level of LIMBO or HOPELESSNESS would not happen.

Somehow on the planet the NATURAL frequencies for the pure awareness that we are NEVER disconnected from GOD and the Earth are being altered.  The mind BELIEVES this to be true, in some cases so extreme, that the person KILLS themselves.

The Frequency Adjuster ™ , because it is YOU before your subconscious mind was formed, and unlike you, it has no ego, therefore it cannot be controlled to believe anything and when it is attuned to you, YOU will NEVER go to the level of HOPELESSNESS that has you FEEL and believe you are without GOD or the Earth.

Don’t misunderstand what I am saying here, I am not saying that you could not THINK that you are hopeless and that there is no connection for you here on earth, YES this world can create that for sure.  What I am saying is that the FEELING of complete disconnect from GOD and Earth that causes a person to END there life will not be reached, simply because these ENERGIES that are creating this in YOU will continually be moved away from you.   Keeping  you are connected to these NATURAL frequencies.

What this means is that HOPE will continue to enter into your ENERGY despite what your thoughts keep telling you.  That is why when people attune to the Frequency Adjuster they feel a feeling of CALM.

It is my hope that PARENTS read this and think about getting a Frequency Adjuster for their children so that this HOPE can never have a chance of leaving, at least for sure in the ENERGY!

I wrote this not only for all those to begin to understand what the frequency adjuster can do for your life, but because I myself before I invented the frequency adjuster had felt that exact feeling of HOPELESSNESS, in fact it was much greater then that, it was a feeling of NOTHINGNESS and if I didn’t believe that suicide was a ridiculous option, simply because why would you do something that was a inevitable, you WILL die one day, so you might as well stick it out.  If that were not my belief and I knew that would not help.. I had to find my ground some other way…that was called the Frequency Adjuster ™ .

I am not saying this will STOP a person from ultimately taking their life…but what I am saying is I believe it is the best thing to  keep the HOPE alive.



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