Freeing yourself from judgement and fear

I believe this is such a hot topic.  I am sure most people feel this is pretty much impossible to do.  But wait…

What if the real truth is…FEAR doesn’t exists at all and JUDGEMENT is the trigger that makes FEAR seem real!

Lets look at this for a minute.  You wake in the morning, suddenly thoughts come into your head, how am I going to pay my bills, where am I going to live, or how will I meet my soulmate?  Imagine these thoughts have an unknown to them, one which YOU simply don’t have answers for.  Now, one of two things will occur, YOU will FEAR it can’t or won’t happen or you just don’t have the means or knowledge…or…YOU will simply say I will figure this out as I look at things in my life.

If you pay attention..the first triggered FEAR because a JUDGEMENT came in that said I don’t know or don’t have.  The second just told the story that I don’t know or have at this moment in my thought but I will have this.  The most important part of this story is..this all took place in the privacy of your own HEAD.  It was all just a Story and FEELINGS.  This is the real TRUTH.

FEAR only exists in your head and JUDGEMENT is the trigger of FEAR.  You JUDGE something in a negative way and poof…you have now CREATED FEAR.  How does that feel?  Does it feel good? I bet not!   Then guess what…CHANGE it!  It really is that easy.

Yes we will have life challenges and unknowns!  But how we FEEL about them and the STORY we tell about them is the KEY.

It is the make or break point of whether or not I will limit myself based on what I already know or allow for all possibilities to show up.

It really is that SIMPLE!   The hard part is practicing this.  We live in a world where FEAR is honored, nurtured and fed to us daily.  IF we EAT it!  Honestly it doesn’t taste very good, so for me I choose to spit it out!  You can too!

Try for today to just stop ingesting all the FEAR fed to you…See and FEEL how much healthier and happier you can be!

It’s your birthright…happiness, safety and freedom!   Healthy-Food for thought…. GET IT! …More to come!

Love and light


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