We Were Meant To Thrive

“Joy, Abundance And Freedom are our Natural State Of Being”

The whole purpose for us to be here on this earth, is to create a life that is fun, joyful, loving and meaningful, completely of your own choosing, based on whatever your hearts true desire directs you to do.


Everyone of us is absolutely unique, that is, we all have a very unique rhythm or frequency that is like none other on the planet.

When we are born this very unique rhythm is completely free and taking in all the wonders of this world in pure experience. Then we are given a name, this name carries a frequency of it’s own and if it is not in rhythm with your own, you allow yourself to change and align to its rhythm.  Then as you begin to listen to the world, it tells you more stories of who you are, what it means to be a women or man, what it means to be a part of your family or ethnic group etc.  Each story you hear and take in as your own causes your own rhythm to follow instead of moving at your own unique rate.  Finally as the world wants us to conform to the idea of following the rules and staying in line, your rhythm may completely be shut off, leaving your life empty of your own dreams, desires and visions.

This unfortunately is a lot of us in today’s world, where there is a belief of simply “playing the cards I am dealt and just surviving.”

What seems to be missing in today’s world is a place where we can feel safe, comfortable, confident and vulnerable enough to let go of all these beliefs that are not aligned to who we feel we really are inside.

This is quite literal!

Because of all the technology and information circulating around, there is confusion in most of us,  causing us to not be able to let go, just be and experience life.

This is why the Frequency Adjuster® was created.  The adjuster creates the zero point frequency that we first felt when we were born.  This zero point is the still place that is created when all frequencies are in balance together.  At this point, if there is a frequency introduced, that frequency will move in its own unique rhyme without any interference.  What this means for you is that when you attune the adjuster to you, it will allow your own natural rhyme to function fully again.  It will create a reset for you.

The Frequency Adjuster® once it is attuned to you, will not only keep your natural rhyme fully functioning, but it will also remove from your energy field all the particles you have collected over time, that are acting like little magnets, keeping you in patterns in your life that are not aligned to your own unique rhyme.

Your experience will finally be YOUR OWN.

Life will truly have meaning, joy, love and FUN.  Take advantage of the opportunity to feel your own unique rhythm!

The Attuning Process

Aligning with the adjuster will immediately give you the experience of calmness, peace and a feeling of being grounded in the now.  It opens all doors for all those things truly meant for you to come into your life and allows for all those things not meant for you to show up and leave. No matter where you are in the world, once attuned, it will always keep those doors open. Because it is organic, it is quite literally cleaning your energy body of all past debris, like fear and trauma. And once attuned it will keep you from collecting debris again.

And it CANNOT be ALTERED. This means you will NEVER reach that place of HOPELESSNESS that can have you end your life.  I am not saying a person cannot decide to do this, I am saying the energy of disconnecting will not reach that point.

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Frequency Adjuster, Inside Half-View

Sacred Geometry Design

Inside the Frequency Adjuster® “Om Healing Wand”  are special salts and crystals that mimic the physical body to create the Zero Point found in each of us when we are able to be fully present, with our complete energetic connection to source (GOD) and mother earth.  Everything about the adjuster is 100% natural like YOU, and like you that does not “open” this does not as well. The entire making of the Frequency Adjuster® “Om Healing Wand” is very specific, to energetically mimic you completely.

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* The image above shows the inside, half-view of the frequency adjuster, during the crafting process.

Fully Patented Instrument Designed to Keep You Aligned with Your Natural Unique Frequency Rhythm

Once the frequency adjuster is attuned to you. No matter where you are in the world it will continually keep you aligned with your natural unique rhythm (frequency)
Everything meant for you in this life has to come to you, and everything not meant for you will leave.

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